Protect your brand: Nanotechnology for anti counterfeiting and traceability.

The phenomenon of brand counterfeiting is increasing every year and the market of “false” products became a real business at the expense of manufacturing industries in terms of sales, quality assurance, stimulating innovation and creativity. Many businesses are hit by counterfeiting especially the fashion industry with clothing, accessories, leather goods and eyewear.
Another threat for brands is the traceability of stolen components of which the automotive sector is one of the biggest victims.
Cabro SpA offers an innovative and secure system based on nanotechnology which increases traceability and helps to fight counterfeiting.
The technology is made of gold nanometer fluorophores which are added to matrixes of different nature (polymers, paints, inks, pastes, etc.) and only when excited by UV lamps (that emit ultraviolet light) the treated surface exhibits light to a certain wavelength.
Cabro ensures a high degree of security, privacy and customization thanks to the possibility to modulate the frequency of the light emission creating a unique and controlled color code identifying the product unambiguously.
Solar Ligth
UV Light


  • The nanometric fluorophore does not appear colored in normal light
  • Based on gold, the nanometric fluorophore is not toxic.
  • The nanometric fluorophore is resistant to acids and other corrosive media.
  • The technology of this type of nanometric gold is difficult to imitate.
  • The nanometric fluorophore can be conveyed (for example with glue) without altering its characteristics.
  • Fluorescent Wire
    Fluorescent Dusts